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Ivan Guzman Photography Blog

Working with Lego

A new year, a new series with Legos

Every year brings new beginnings and ways to improve from the last. To continue to grow in my field and create some original artwork, I decide to explore the world of cinema-graph and make some stop motion with Legos.

I never had the chance of growing up playing Legos but man, are they fun little things. The concept I had was to start the series by having one lego model that will oversee building stuff for the year. It will be fundamental things that I could make. A car, a plane, a building, etc. The character will be the foreman of the world, and he will create the masterpieces while I documented it all in some stop motion and fun ways with the animation.

Where can I buy a figure to use for all of it? Thankfully there was a Lego Land in the burbs of Philly and a few weekends ago I decided to make the drive out there. After being amazed by all the selections, I found a pile of parts that I could use to make my little hero. To my surprise, they had a special of making three of them for $10, and with that, I made three. Now with three heroes, the concept changed a bit, but by much, it will still be building things and breaking things with a dash of adventure life thrown in for the three heroes.

I wanted to the first part of the series to be like portraits for the adventures we will see in the following series. A way to introduce them to the world and have them be a focal point but still having a bit of movement in the background, sort of like a title sequence in a cartoon.

Can't wait to share the next steps in the series in the next few weeks.