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Ivan Guzman Photography Blog

Mass Grave - A Conceptual Still Life Play

Mass Grave

A Play In 8 Parts

I recently got this really nice crushed canvas berry background that i wanted to use for a shoot. The main reason i got it was to create new portraits using it to give that old style flare to my work. But There was nothing better than to use it on some new still life too. With the use of more wooden blocks and orbs, the artist drawing figure stood out to me in my studio.

With my new subject ready to perform for me, i was at a lost on what to do with him. But then it hit me, a play. So i got a few more figures and felt that i wanted to create a small play. The script sort of grew as the shots emerge out of order. But as i introduce the two dark figures i knew one simple thing. The main figure should be the only one to ever be fully lit and the others should always hide in the shadows since their role was to be observing the main character and meeting him towards his demise.

The Actors

The Story