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Studio updates.

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 Self-Portrait, 2017

Self-Portrait, 2017


It has been a full year now since I have done a major overhaul of my site and my work. Its crazy to think that in just a year I am at it again. 

Last year the overhaul was more of the core of who I am as a brand. I went from using my nickname, Navi, to using my full name for my work. I switch my web hosting due to the lack of extras and features that I needed to showcase my work more efficiently. 

The switch was great last year and allowed me to show my work at a higher level. Now I am changing the look and design of the site to help tell a better story for my art. I love simplicity, but you still need to have a little extra to help express your exact vision. Its always about the details, and this new design helps with that. Hope you enjoy the new layout and how the work is being presented now.